Vortex Optimization System

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Vortex Optimization System

The VOS was developed by the Vortex development team. It incorporates Machine Learning and collection of Big Data onto the cloud. By carrying out long-term tracking of the system and through taking intelligent on-line steps combining sophisticated energy and economic analysis, it is possible to achieve optimization saving energy over time, thereby delivering immediate economic value to the customer as well as a reliable energy system.

This is a smart system which learns the environment in which it operates, analyzes data and carries out on-line actions combining energy consumption with the generating and maintenance costs. This is done using a broad-based database and an operating system containing algorithms, all of which operate autonomically, free of outside intervention once the energy manager/maintenance manager has input the initial parameters.

The system interface enables the user complete freedom, from regulating and selecting the algorithm best suited to his needs through to independent configuration and setting economizing targets.

Our vision is to create a management and optimization system leveraging the information available on the grid to accomplish smart energy efficiency for any energy-consuming structure. Installation cost savings can be accomplished for the consumer through sharing this information, placing it at the disposal of all users, thereby making our contribution toward reduced emissions and a better future for the world.