Data Collection and Measurement

Data Collection and Measurement

Data collection and measurement at the customer site, analysis of the results and production of an efficient, optimal energy solution.

Maintenance and Operation Services

Maintenance and operation services

Repair services on the customer premises. A skilled, professional team will repair system malfunctions and provide preventive maintenance and ongoing maintenance.


Smart Management

Vortex Energy has a leading sophisticated energy optimization system that adapts the operation of the energy center to the structure’s requirements in online mode.

Infrastructure Upgrades and Equipment Replacement

Infrastructure Upgrades and Equipment Replacement

Upgrading to state-of-the-art, modern, efficient systems. Vortex installs sophisticated systems incorporating energy recovery out of a holistic, high-utilization system concept.

Engagement Models

We are always customer-centric. We offer various engagement models with attractive financing models.
We will always produce a common interest, making our customer’s energy consumption our business!

Our vision is to create a management and optimization system leveraging the information available on the grid to accomplish smart energy efficiency for any energy-consuming structure. Installation cost savings can be accomplished for the consumer through sharing this information, placing it at the disposal of all users, thereby making our contribution toward reduced emissions and a better future for the world.